Help Your Team Grow Your Business, Part 2: Involving A Critical Staff Tier

In my last post I discussed the fact that you can’t build business from existing clients on your own, and how to motivate your staff to help you grow business from existing clients.

It’s critical to enlist a specific tier of your agency’s professionals: those from Account Supervisor through Assistant VP. (In your firm this group might include Senior Account Supervisors and Management Supervisors).

Here’s five reasons why:

  1. Day In, Day Out. Most likely, they’re your client’s key agency representatives and are taking the client’s pulse on a daily basis. They may be the first to know when news breaks, when a client’s been promoted, what’s “trending” in the client hallways, the marketing method “du jour” that’s being discussed, or any number of issues that could lead to an opportunity for your agency. One of your keys to success is to coach them on how to raise their OR (Opportunity Radar).
  2. I Feel Your Pain. While you’re looking out the window–and I mean that in the best way–for what’s coming around the bend, this level of staff knows the current client pain. Whether it’s frustrated customers, unhappy retailers, misinformed local communities or sales teams, your AS “Plus” will know of these situations, all of which are issues with which your firm can assist.
  3. Timing Is Everything. In the situations mentioned in points 1 and 2, the ability to “pounce” is key. Make sure this level has the connections and contacts so that they hear of these issues in real time, so that the solutions offered by public relations-communications, in general, and your firm, specifically, can be considered by the client.
  4. Takin’ It To The Streets. While you’re getting key perspective from your top-to-top client relationships, these staffers are getting direct, regular feedback from media, bloggers, mid-level client contacts and others who have “on the street” perspective on client performance, missteps and failures. This input is invaluable. Make sure you’re listening and acting on it.
  5. Others’ Failures May Be Your Opportunity. If your client’s other PR firms, or ad, promotional or social media agencies aren’t delivering the goods, this level may actually be the first to know. See Point 3.

Let me be direct: You’ll still be doing all of these things you’ve done to generate new business from existing clients. But you need trusted lieutenants at the AS to AVP level, who have embraced the Account Growth Mindset. Give them specific responsibilities,  clear direction and regular coaching, and they’ll be critical allies in your quest to increase client business.

Have you gotten this staff level involved in these efforts?  What was your experience?  Please share within Comments.

Ken Jacobs

I’m the principal of Jacobs Communications Consulting, which helps public relations and communications agencies and organizations grow and manage business, and enhance staff performance, leadership and communications skills.We do so via consulting, training, and coaching. To learn more, please click on the “Jacobs Communications Consulting” tab on the top.