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Spin Sucks The Book

When I heard that my dear friend Gini Dietrich was writing a book about TODAY’s confluence of PR/communications, social media, integrated marketing, content and customer service, things she and the Arment Dietrich her team cover so effectively in the Spin Sucks blog, I thought “Wait, how can a book like this NOT be out of date the day it’s published?”

Well Gini Dietrich proved me wrong. (And for the record, it is the first time that’s happened. So there’s that!)

I was blow away by how up-to-the-minute this book is, and how valuable it is to beginners, intermediate types and expert practitioners in these fields. I was constantly interrupting my reading to add Gini’s recommendations to my “To-Do” list, so that I can act on and benefit from her wisdom. What I was most impressed with was how Gini takes the complex and lays it out so simply, and how practical the recommendations are. When you’re finished reading “Spin Sucks” you’ll feel “I Got This!,” and you will!

And while I have fun calling it “Spin Sucks. The Book.” the official title is “Spin Sucks. Communications and Reputation Management In The Digital Age.” While that may make it sound enormous, you’ll tear thought it in a weekend, because you won’t be able to put it down.

BTW, just in case you don’t know Gini, just look at how excited she is about her book. (Well, she’s actually excited about this blog post.)

Gini Dietrich With Spin Sucks
She looks just like that Emily Deschanel, no?

BTW, Gini has promised me that if you share this blog post, she’ll dedicate “Spin Sucks, The Book, v 2.0 to me. So please get sharing!

She’s also promised me that I get to produce and star in “Spin Sucks. The Musical” once her book becomes a New York Times Best Seller. So please do your part.

Ken Jacobs

I’m the principal of Jacobs Communications Consulting, which helps public relations and communications agencies and organizations grow and manage business, and enhance staff performance, leadership and communications skills.We do so via consulting, training, and coaching. To learn more, please click on the “Jacobs Communications Consulting” tab on the top.

Marcy Mechanic
Marcy Mechanic

Ken, you are 100 percent right (I will never hear the end of this now!) Spin Sucks was an eye opener for me. I learned more by reading this book than any class or seminar I have attended. And here's the thing too, is it ok to call a business book "entertaining?" Because I thought it was a really fun read.