Business Goals: There’s Still Time To Achieve Them!

It’s October 1, the perfect time to review your business goals. Because you’ve got one more quarter to achieve them.

Some agency owners and leaders I know are lamenting what they didn’t get done this year. If you’re one of them, know that it’s not too late to achieve your annual business goals for the year, whatever they are. In fact,  how you handle the year’s remaining time can have a huge impact on your 2013 results. (And even if you don’t fully achieve your goals, making an intelligent, focused and energetic effort now will make a big difference, and is well worth it.

So if  you really want to learn how to use content marketing more effectively, it’s not too late. Start today!

If you really want to make your ambitious new business goals for the year, but haven’t written your agency’s new business development and communications-marketing-engagement plan for the agency, it’s not too late. Start today!

If you really want to listen, engage and communicate on behalf of your clients and your agency without the spin, it’s not too late. Start today!

If you want to make your agency as profitable as possible before the end of the year, it’s not too late. Start today!

If you know you’d be more effective with a daily dose of inspiration, it’s not too late. Start today!

If your gut tells you that your team must improve its client service, it’s not too late. Start today!

If you really want to increase your knowledge about where PR and social media intersect, it’s not too late. Start today!

What are you waiting for?

What  business goals do you want to achieve by the end of the year? And what are you going to start doing today to achieve it? Please leave me a comment!









Hi Ken, this is such an upbeat post and drives home the point that even if we're not where we thought we would be by now doing something will still move the needle.Thank you so much for the great message and the great links.


Hi Ken,


Thanks so much for this great post. It should never be too late to make yourself profitable, financially and professionally. Sure, we'd all like to be great every single year, but that's not always realistic. One thing I've made sure in this first year of owning my own business is to be honest. That should be the first thing we are with ourselves. Whether you work for a firm/agency or not, being honest is an absolute must. It leads to more clarity and, in turn, more success.


Jason Mollica



Hola Ken, interesting year indeed; it wasn't going to be my best year ever but it was going to be pretty darn good. 5 new business opportunities of some size, w/ 3 slam dunks and one other pretty close. Guess what? We only pinned down one of them.....lovely. 


3 of the 4 we didn't get are still opportunities but just didn't happen this year.....however, now is the time I have to get them back in the queue and ready to go for next year. 


I'm ready to make it happen.........


Thanks so much,  @karenswim .  Hearing that you found the post upbeat, and that you found the links valuable, has gotten my day off to a great start! (And in case it wasn't obvious, sometimes I'll include messages in a blog that I need to tell myself: "Get This Done!"


Thanks,  @JasMollica I agree, honesty is so important. It's critical for any business owner to ask "What were my goals?" "How close did I get?" "If I didn't make my numbers, what must I do better, more actively, more aggressively to get where I need to be?" We've all got 10+ weeks to get 'er done!


Thanks for the comment,  @bdorman264  In full disclosure, I had a few opportunities that I was absolutely certain were going to result in checks by August 31...then September 30. Now it's anyone's guess if these will come in by December 31. While I'm still confident that many of them will become clients of Jacobs Communications Consulting, the experience is a good reminder of what I tell clients: "It's nothing until you've got a check in hand!"

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