About Ken’s Views

I’ve created this blog to share, well, my views.

On what, you might ask?

Naturally, I’ll focus on all things related to my business of advising public relations and related communications agencies: Growing business and better managing the business you have. Improving relationships with your clients and the service your agency provides to them. And enhancing your staff’s performance, motivation, retention and attraction.

That give me the chance to cover everything from leadership style to communicating with your team and your client, from the changes in our business to the changes in our work force, from constructive confrontation to delegation and all points in between. And since I’m a trainer, consultant and coach, you won’t be surprised to know that I’ll be discussing those topics too.

Although this blog is called Ken’s Views, I certainly hope you’ll share your views by adding comments, suggestions, content and links.

Let’s get started, shall we?